Georgette Faniel

Georgette Faniel

« Thank You, my Beloved for coming this morning! I am so happy! In spite of the rain, I want everything to be beautiful and gay around me. I would like souls to see life through pink glasses! I know that sometimes it is difficult when everything is dark near us, in our temporal life, but in the spiritual life, everything is so beautiful and good with Him who is my Love. » 

(Words of Mimi, wednesday, May 8th 1963)

Georgette Faniel, le don total

Who is Georgette Faniel, nicknamed Mimi, this single woman unknown to the general public, who lived quietly in Montreal from 1915 to 2002, in the total gift of his person to Christ?

Her life, punctuated by astonishing epiphanies (stigma, spiritual marriage, transfixion, etc.), remained humble and joyful in serving the poor and listening to people. From this spiritual portrait emerges a clear and vibrant testimony of the unfathomable love of God for us. "This is a well-researched and inspiring biography. I wish you to make beautiful discoveries all along these pages” (Excerpt from the preface by Bishop Christian Lépine).

Georgette Faniel, le don total 
Novalis, 2018, 260 pages, 24,95 $

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